Sitemap - 2024 - Things I Wrote Down

Coffee is a miracle; Denzel does Gladiator II; Upstaged by a rabbit

If you want to find a life partner, do this.

Biden's sleep patterns; Watermelon coolers; Side hustles look so easy

Mocktail Mashup - Ep 7. Annihilating the kids at checkers. Masters of Business and the Air. Humpback whales and Olympic cousins.

Sports is heartbreak; Shattering Camelot; Crying on public transit

Oh those Oilers; Posthumous thrillers; Einstein poems.

Places I'd go this summer and the books I'd read there

Relationship issues? Categorize friends; That tree is pokeweed; If Avatar and Ready Player One had a baby.

Chapter 13. Encounters with invisible things

What heroes won at D-Day; How Ayan says it all gets lost; and When celebrities stub their toes.

Chapter 12 - Ten Silver Coins - Book 1

The most beautiful grocery bags in the world

Affiliate links

Dodging MAiD bullets; Learning Latin like Isaac Watts; Hey Fat Fingers

Write yourself a postcard this summer

Christian invisibility; Men have bouncy balls now; Standing O's at Cannes.

Chapter 11 - Ten Silver Coins - Book 1

10 Qs with Andrew Lawton about his new Pierre Poilievre biography

Squirrel power; Affable priests; Do I dress better than a Muppet?

When will AI replace my pastor?

RIP Rex; Otter cams; and a last editorial.

The Miracle of Mom

TSC 1.3 - Another Letter

Dulce de love these; Banksy; The bold, beautiful Action Bible.

Chapter 10 - Ten Silver Coins - Book 1

Do stuffies go to heaven?

Going on a blind date in Tokyo with all of Twitter; No one buys books; I 100% forgive you.

Spotify gets it right with William Prince; The unspeakable sexiness of the male forearm; Watch out maple syrup, Canada now has a gold heist.

Chapter 9 - Ten Silver Coins - Book 1

Could 1 in 10 Canadians really die by the hand of their doctor by 2034?

Spotify gets it right with William Prince; The unspeakable sexiness of the male forearm; Watch out maple syrup, Canada now has a gold heist.

TSC 1.2 - The Forest

Hey, I'm Andrew, and I write things down

Chapter 8 - Ten Silver Coins - Book 1

Binge-eating during Civil War; MAiD across state lines; and if Annie Dillard wrote thrillers

You are more than an empty Amazon cart

Chapter 7 - Ten Silver Coins - Book 1

Math matters, NASA; the joy of Musica; PR logistics and the Baltimore Bridge.

TSC 1.1 - Run!

Is independent filmmaking impossible?

Chapter 6 - Ten Silver Coins - Book 1

Behind the stone

Jesus, Moroni and Mammon walk into a court room, my latest Op-ed in The Christian Post, and a total solar eclipse.

Chapter 5 - Ten Silver Coins - Book 1

All the thieves want is your car keys, so leave them by the door. All the MAiD regime wants is your organs, so sign this form. And What Was I Made For?

Write in your heroes; hold onto your myths.

Chapter 4 - Ten Silver Coins - Book 1

Faith and horrors in Haiti, Afghan women secretly marathoning and cabbage’s culinary ascension.

Where do stories come from?

Chapter 3 - Ten Silver Coins - Book 1

Chapter 2 - Ten Silver Coins - Book 1

Chapters 1 - Ten Silver Coins - Book 1

Want a prayer life? Make films, hot mics on Costco customers and croissants that will save your weekend

Table of Contents - Book 1

15 years after Ten Silver Coins

Your million dollar fantasy, swinging for the fences with see-thru pants, and crying with Hillary Swank

As Hollywood aims to cash in on faith-based content, let’s not get duped.

He Gets Us, but do we? Standing on the shoulders of Solzhenitsyn, and stealing Canadians cars.

Operation Eternal Mercy

Tracking Taylor all the way to the Super Bowl, Dr-assisted assassination, and Eiffel Tower bling.

Covenant is carved into every corner of this world

Now the Canadian medical system needs a heart transplant 💙

Delivering DANIEL, my very own elephant, and how to hate meetings less.

Irreverent lumbar support, killer policy and what to bring to the beach.

The moral outcry against MAiD expansion to mental health is growing

A list of all Canadian Liberal MPs and their X handles - so you can easily tweet them

Amazon bets big on Jesus, our organs are plastic water bottles, and hitting the high notes

Embrace the question mark

All's fair in love and plagiarism, why Alberta is the most beautiful province, and The Walrus follows the MAiD money.

Man wakes from 3-year coma, commits to sharing message of hope.

Surviving Ikea with kids, the inspiring courage of an Imam in Gaza, Starbucks caught with its hands in our digital cookie jar.

Sometimes I am a kite, sometimes I am a wheelbarrow.