Hi, I'm Andrew Kooman and I write things down. On the page, for the stage and for the screen.

I'm the playwright and screenwriter of the human trafficking thriller She Has A Name, the historical drama We Are the Body, and producer of the series Dream and Breath of Life. An official author with the Skit Guys, I make people laugh in church through content regularly produced across North America.

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Themes of my work include art, faith, justice and how those things collide. I'm especially interested in how creative people use their art and talents to make real world impact.

As creators and believers of any type, we have a huge inheritance from people that came before us and I want to be part of cultivating community here, and building that inheritance into the future. If that resonates with you, you'll find like minds and connection here.

If you follow me on social, you’ll know that I sometimes give a window into #dadlife, overshare about my love for trees and am always looking for the perfect cup of coffee.

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Playwright and screenwriter of the critically acclaimed She Has A Name and We Are the Body. Co-founder of the niche streaming platform UnveilTV, a home for independent audiences and creators.
Daniel is the author of Breath of Life: Three Breaths that Shaped Humanity and directed the TV series based on the book. Daniel produces films with his brothers for Unveil Studios. He is the co-founder of UnveilTV.