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Mocktail Mashup - Ep 7. Annihilating the kids at checkers. Masters of Business and the Air. Humpback whales and Olympic cousins.

Mocktail Mashup - Ep 7. Annihilating the kids at checkers. Masters of Business and the Air. Humpback whales and Olympic cousins.

Back at the mic with a bang and the most delicious LEGIT watermelon cooler
Podcast with Andrew Kooman and Petra Bosma Kooman

It’s been awhile since Petra and I sat down for a mocktail and a recorded conversation. This week we’re bringing you a legit drink created by a private chef and the author of the Real Food Sanity Substack, Christi Flaherty.

I connected with Christi in a thread about writing posted by

on her newsletter. The connection and content collab that resulted highlights what’s so great about this platform. There are so many kind people doing wonderful things out there and helps to bring people together!

I hope you enjoy this episode as we talk about 5 things from the past week or so-- something we read, something we heard, something we saw, something we’ve learned and something that caught our attention.

Watermelon Cooler - see Christi Flaherty’s recipe below (photo provided)

Watermelon Cooler 

Skip energy drinks and keep this made up instead! It’s full of natural electrolytes, zero proof, and extremely hydrating for hot and humid weather. 

Single Mocktail 

2 oz watermelon juice* 
3/4 oz lime juice 
1/4 oz honey syrup (equal parts honey and water shaken together until honey dissolves) 
2-3 sprigs of mint 
Club soda** 

Batch Mix for 4 
8 oz watermelon juice* 
3 oz lime juice (about 1/3 cup) 
1 oz honey syrup (about 2 tbsp) 

2-3 sprigs of mint 
Club soda** 1

For single Mocktail: 

  • Muddle (mash) the mint in a cocktail shaker. Add the juices, honey syrup and a little ice. Shake well then strain over ice in a short glass (lowball) top off the Topo Chico. 

  • If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, just muddle the mint in the bottom of a glass, simply add ice cubes in the juices and honey syrup, stir then top off the top of Chico. 

Christi Flaherty of Real Food Sanity

About Christi Flaherty

For 20 years private chef and holistic nutritionist, Christi Flaherty cooked for families and created multi-course wine pairing dinners in both Napa Valley and the Dallas areas. She recently realized her passion for teaching people to cook outweighed her love of cooking FOR people. A former Whole30 Certified Coach, Christi began developing gluten, dairy and soy free recipes as well as real food driven mocktails for private cooking classes, weekly meal plans and her blog. Her recent move to Substack brings her weekly recipes and essays on the food & human connection to her publication Real Food Sanity with weekly meal plans and cooking classes for paid subscribers in the works.

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Further notes from Christi for the Watermelon Cooler

For Batch:
Muddle the mint in the bottom of a pitcher that has a strainer lid and then add the juices and honey syrup. Stir really well then top off with club soda as you serve it. 
*If you can’t find watermelon juice, blend about 4 cups of watermelon or one big wedge in a blender until it is liquefied. Strain it through a metal strainer into a jar. Use within five days or so. 
**I originally tried this with Topo Chico and as much as I love it on it's own and for other drinks like my Rosemary Paloma, it overpowered this cocktail so use a simple club soda instead.  

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