Sitemap - 2023 - Things I Wrote Down

Deadly doctors, believing dangerously and creativity colliding with faith. My year in the rearview.

He is the King of glory

Kicking the tires on my Christmas poem for 2023

Being my own butler, Godzilla tore out my heart, and Wonder Challenges for your Christmas.

Advent 3 - What did the shepherds do the day after the manger?

BIG NEWS: We've started production on our new film DANIEL

Advent 2 - It's the quiet moments that can be the most holy.

Advent 1 - With no Siri, the Wisemen still found the baby in Bethlehem.

That time I got censored by the government, 250 lbs of vigilante justice and how to become a famous speech writer.

Code names, human drama, and how the gospel incarnates in volatile times

Smart thermostat dumb owner, laughing it off and tasting the Lord's chicken.

Simple Christmas Spectacular - my new book is here!

Remembering dad, Christmas gifts for men and imagining the perfect haircut.

🫣 BOOK COVER REVEAL - Simple Christmas Spectacular

Oh and Awkwafina, wowed by Ayan, and a poem about wonder.

Grieving after MAiD. Thoughts for families and friends who've lost loved ones to euthanasia.

Mocktail Mashup - Ep 6. Are those boat-attacking Orcas wearing salmon hats? And fangirling over Barbie, the Beckhams and a Bieber.

13 ways to look at war, Killer whales that kill and a refrigerator that will make me happy.

Lovers, they enlist in wars too

Goldenballs' big heart, go-to reporting from the Mideast, and All the Light I have not seen.

From smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain to helping believers in the surveillance state

Where is God in the midst of so much suffering?

A lost cookie recipe that baffled a generation, Barbie and the billionaire club, and why we're all just "lurkers" now.

Do you sing at stoplights, but more importantly, what's on your playlist?

An artifact fell from my journal to the floor, a memory hyperlinked my past and future.

Between lamp posts, "I am not afraid!"

Pray for Israel and do not be ashamed to say you do

The space between tree branches and The thing the moon told me

My Little Plastic Jesus: A conversation with Tim Bratton

Coldplay, a homeless man and a missionary walk into a bar...

4. Creativity thrives when we venture into new territory

You have one job. Why the actual Hell doesn't want you to do it.

Audio Post: You have one job.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW - Chapter One of Daniel Kooman's new book SONS OF THE FATHER

Son-of-a-Bro-book-vid! A conversation with author Daniel Kooman.

Love's impossible ask 💗 😮

AUDIO VERSION: Love's impossible ask

Mocktail Mashup - Ep. 5. Just hire the movers! On-air ant bites and walnut trees as high as sky scrapers.

Triggering the apocalypse or sharing a message of beauty and truth

The f-word we all need right now.

Together we examine my heart

Approaching creativity like some approach love, just waiting for lighting to strike?

Is your creativity blocked by headwinds? 4 helpful ways to keep moving.

Christmas in August. Eggnog optional

Fallow soil must be turned over for the heart to be renewed

Signposts of memory

Shut down the voice telling you not to create or dream

70 years, summer days

Popcorn Helmet, writing for the screen and my top recommendation to writers

All that you can leave behind

It's 3:35 am. Do you know where your sleep is?

Wow! Netflix reached more people last night than the Church has in 50 yrs.

A flick of glory, a flame of praise

Thanks for making Popcorn Helmet a HOT NEW RELEASE on Amazon

BOOK RELEASE: Popcorn Helmet now available

Popcorn Helmet

Any where is a here with a W

Title, cover art and synopsis REVEAL

"Eliminate the problem, not the person."

A lamp to the feet, lighting the path

Join me on Notes

Stories of people living with disabilities shed light on what's at stake as MAiD expands in Canada

From hooped to hope. Try this.

Falling over waterfalls and living to tell the tale.

Happy Easter!

Vie and clamour

The curious incident of the double-yolked eggs

Links to my books and details about my work

Mocktail Mashup - Ep 4. New beginnings, this toast does NOT have Stigmata, and music to put on your wall

It's time to get unreasonable. For others.

Hook your heart up to this ancient heart rate monitor

Compassion: the dangerous, powerful weapon we must wield in these times

If your doctor offers to kill you, get a second opinion

Mocktail Mashup - Ep 3. Why we'll never be invited to your dinner party, our meet-cute and the palindromic Woo Young Woo

This is a fight for the soul of our country

Fiery chariots and Star Trek beams

Mocktail Mashup - EP 2. Sweeping floors to Miley's "Flowers" and Pantone's colour of the year for your living room

When it can't get any worse, it can get better than ever

Pylons and bare maple trees

I joined Canada's longest running daily television show to talk about one of the world's greatest injustices

Mocktail Mashup - EP 1. Parenting lessons from a hostage negotiator and other deep thoughts (with plastic cups)

Seeking doctor who won't end my life then harvest my organs

Remnant: cultivating faith and faithfulness in challenging times