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My Little Plastic Jesus: A conversation with Tim Bratton

My Little Plastic Jesus: A conversation with Tim Bratton

Theatre in your living room, conversations about God in small spaces and touring Canada with a one-man show

In this episode, I chat with Tim Bratton, the Artistic Associate for Burnt Thicket Theatre who’s bringing his My Little Plastic Jesus to living rooms across Canada.

Part confession, part history lesson, part multimedia extravaganza, Tim finds hilarity and heartache as he unpacks his upbringing in evangelical pop culture, examining its folly and redeeming its faith.

We chat about:

  • How Tim developed the coming of age story

  • What writing and performing theatre is like in small spaces

  • Filling the well: the practice Tim incorporates into his life to nurture creativity and faith

  • The story behind the making of My Little Plastic Jesus

  • And more!

Tim Bratton in My Little Plastic Jesus
Tim Bratton during a performance of My Little Plastic Jesus

Want to see the show in a living room near you?

My Little Plastic Jesus is on the road:

  • Oct. 5-6, 2023 in Saskatoon

  • Oct. 12-21, 2023 in southern Ontario

  • Feb. 29 - Mar. 17, 2024 in Saskatoon, southern Alberta and across BC

Get tickets here

If you’re in the London area, I'm hosting a performance on October 14. Get tix and come say hi to Tim and I.

Get tickets for the Oct 14 Matinee

Watch the trailer for My Little Plastic Jesus

About Tim Bratton

Tim is privileged to be the Artistic Associate for Burnt Thicket Theatre and is excited to finally be sharing this one man show, a true labour of love. Tim is a local actor and aspiring theatrical dilettante with diverse artistic talents and interests. You may have seen Tim on a Saskatoon stage in recent productions such as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (Persephone), Boeing Boeing (Persephone), Pride & Prejudice (Persephone), Art (Persephone) and Burnt Thicket's We Are the Body. Tim lives in the King George neighbourhood with his lovely wife, Amy, and their two very active little boys.

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