Son-of-a-Bro-book-vid! A conversation with author Daniel Kooman.

Real talk about writing our new books, the creative process, upcoming projects and what it means to be sons.

I joined by my brother Daniel Kooman, author of the best-selling book

for an in-depth conversation about the creation process. We also discuss new works, including Dan’s soon-to-be-release Sons of the Father and my recently released Popcorn Helmet.

If you buy one book this year, get your hands on Sons of the Father today! But if you’re gonna buy two books this year, pick up your copy of Popcorn Helmet.

Sons of the Father by Daniel Kooman

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Popcorn Helmet by Andrew Kooman

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What do we discuss?

While the books are different—Dan’s latest is a deep dive on a critical aspect of identity that he traces throughout scripture while my book is a kid’s book that’s perfect for bedtime reads—we find common ground chatting about key aspects of the writing and creative process.

In the conversation we share about new projects with UnveilTV, including a RomCom and a thrilling drama, why we chose to write these books now and why regular output is key to the creative process.

Sons of the Father by Daniel Kooman
Sons of the Father by Daniel Kooman is available for pre-order now.

Order SONS OF THE FATHER on Amazon

If you haven’t started following him yet, make sure you subscribe to Dan’s Substack. Every Monday (except that one time he didn’t, and which he feels real guilty about… just watch the video) he drops deep thoughts. I read it every week and am always encouraged.

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