Feb 24 • 16M

Mocktail Mashup - Ep 3. Why we'll never be invited to your dinner party, our meet-cute and the palindromic Woo Young Woo

We stir things up with a virgin Moscow Mule in the midst of an ice storm

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Andrew Kooman
A podcast where creativity and faith collide, featuring original content and unique conversations with critically acclaimed writer and producer Andrew Kooman.
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Andrew Kooman's Things I Said Out Loud - Mocktail Mashup Episode 3

In this episode we talk about our meet-cute of Parliamentary proportions, celebrate streaming palindromes and put out an audience advisory for anyone considering inviting us to a dinner party. Andrew also asks an important book etiquette Q of the audience. Listen carefully to hear if Petra names the book.

Two Mugs of Moscow Mule on a Wooden Table.

This week’s mocktail is a Virgin Cranberry Moscow Mule from the Happy Kitchen.
(We started with Ginger ale, but later substituted with tonic water for some extra punch).

Got a favourite mocktail?

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