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3. Thirteen Lives - a review of the Thai cave rescue film

3. Thirteen Lives - a review of the Thai cave rescue film

And how it helps us imagine rescuing 13 million more children trapped in darkness

In this episode I share a review of the new Ron Howard film Thirteen Lives about the dramatic cave rescue of the boys’ soccer team in Thailand.

This is a film in which the story is shown and not told, and it’s the absolute right choice. It’s trim. And the sparse dialogue pushes the action forward. Howard lets the story unfold and we are quickly swept up in the dramatic events featuring characters who aren’t venerated, but are instead real people facing impossible circumstances.

I loved this film most, I think, because by watching it, I couldn’t help but imagine what is possible when people come together. People who are convinced in the undeniable value of life and who are compelled to act to save others, no matter the cost.

As I watched Thirteen Lives, I could only imagine what it would mean if we would, similarly, not rest or stop praying until 13 million lives like those lost in impenetrable darkness of human trafficking, are also saved.

There’s a deep, even spiritual metaphor that emerges which I found impossible to ignore. If you ever need an illustration for one of the majestic passages in scripture like Luke 19:10 , well, this is it.

Episode highlights:

  • A cool story of how the Kevin Bacon rule (6-degrees of separation) connects Andrew to one of the film’s subjects because of his work at Compassion.

  • Why talking to the television, despite knowing the ending, is part of this movie-watching experience.

  • Tangents on The Ring 2, horror-movie paybacks, boxing films, and a melancholy DVD library.

  • From Pure Flix to Amazon. There are questions!

  • How it’s impossible to not imagine that 13 million more people, trapped in the despair and terror of human trafficking, can be rescued if we just wouldn’t stop and, united, worked to see them free.


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