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Book-pod 6. Need a little help?

Book-pod 6. Need a little help?

A throwback called The Helper to juice up your devotional life.

What’s a book-pod? I’m glad you asked! It’s a short podcast episode about a book. It’s my way to introduce you, the kind soul reading these words, to a book that I enjoyed and want to recommend.

Today I highlight a book that I’m using in my morning devotions.

I inherited from my Grandma and is a throwback to an author whose writing about spiritual subjects, at least in my view, holds greater weight, authenticity and authority than many who belong to the pantheon of spiritual and self-help writers of our day.

It will enlighten, challenge, surprise and provoke.

Featured book

The Helper, Catherine Marshall. Chosen Books, an imprint of Guidepost.

Links and notes

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