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Book-pod 4: A narrative about refuge

Book-pod 4: A narrative about refuge

What to watch and read as the world marks World Refugee Day

What’s a book-pod? I’m glad you asked! It’s a short podcast episode about a book. It’s my way to introduce you, the kind soul reading these words, to a book that I enjoyed and want to recommend.

Yesterday was World Refugee Day, and I wanted to take some time and highlight an author with a powerful story about refuge and migration.

Make sure you jump over to Unveil’s Substack to check out the films we’re recommending this week.

And don’t miss my guest post there about Ai Weiwei’s stunning documentary Human Flow. In the article I explore the director’s mobile framing in the film and what his choices on camera tell us about the importance of moving beyond activism in the digital world to demonstrate real hospitality with real people.

Featured book

Exit West, Hohsin Hamid. Riverhead Books.

Exit West by Hohsin Hamid

Featured Quote

“One’s relationship to windows now changed in the city. A window was the border through which death was possibly most likely to come” (71).

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