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Stories of people living with disabilities shed light on what's at stake as MAiD expands in Canada

Podcast appearances and an Exclusive clip from the new UnveilTV series

Last week in my post From hooped to hope I shared that Matt, Dan and I are starting to do media hits for our new documentary series MAiD in Canada.

Last week we spoke with former veteran and journalist

as we released a new episode.

This week Dan and I had the opportunity to chat with Andrew Lawton host of Canada’s “most irreverent talk show” about why we’re making the new series and what we’re learning as we do.

Dan shared a shocking anecdote in the interview about Organ Donation Euthanasia, which is on the rise. Canada leads the world in this kind of organ donation. We’ll be exploring this topic in a future episode and the ethical concerns entangled in these extractions.

Click here to watch our interview on the Andrew Lawton Show (which begins near the 19 min mark)

So what’s this series all about?

MAiD in Canada is grounded in stories and testimonies of real people. For us, it’s not about politics. It’s about the sanctity of life and the values we stand for as a nation: who we stand up for and who we protect.

I want to give you an exclusive look at the series so you can see what it’s all about. Today I’m sharing a portion of an episode on Things I Wrote Down for anyone interested in learning more. (View the video at the top of this post).

The clip features a journalist and a tech professional, both living with disabilities. They share what the expansion of MAiD means for people with disabilities. They bring fascinating perspectives all Canadians need to hear.

Watch the full episode here

One hope I have for the UnveilTV series is that by sharing their stories, we’ll help Canadians hear the loud cry of disability advocates who argue that we’re in the midst of a “catastrophic social experiment” in Canada.

I’m grateful that more people are learning about this viewer-supported series and that news of it is starting to build in the media and by word-of-mouth.

Thanks for reading!

~ AK

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Things I Wrote Down
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